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 Colleges and Universities Unite Through Campushopper - Article

by Campushopper Kevin Lang

The Campushopper idea was simple, to create a place where students at colleges and universities across the country could come together and interact in a single online meeting place. This place had to be useful to students. It had to be more than just your normal social network. Sure, we would offer standard (if there is a standard) social network features like social communities, private messenging, and user message boards, but the site also had to provide tools that students could use, such as Grade My Professors. This feature lets students browse professor ratings at their campus before registering for classes, giving them an edge in the class selection process.

Also on Campushopper's horizon was the creation of the College Blogs system. This system lets college students peer into the lives of their classmates, who they normally may have never met. The Collge Blog system lets students post journal-like entries on their own custom blog pages. These entries provide diary-like glimpses into the thoughts of the students. These engaging glimpses provide reassurance to other students, by letting them know that their classmates are going through similar experiences, both good and bad. Suddenly, a recent breakup with a girlfriend or boyfriend might not seem as devastating, and that D you received on your last exam isn't so hard to think about. Why? Because you know that you are not alone on the journey that is college. Fellow Campushopper users can post comments to your blog entries, letting you know just that, we're all in it together.

If your wondering, is Campushopper available at all campuses across the country? Yes, Campushopper is available to every student on every campus across the country, in the US for now. Take advantage of all of our great services like My Weather, My Radio, and the College Mall. Click Here to Register and do a college and university search for your school. Oh, and the best thing is that like all great things in life, Camushopper is free. Below you'll find a listing of the schools that Campushopper has formally invited so far. This list will change often, so be sure to check back regularly for your campus.

Click on each school below to visit that school's community page, where students come together to talk about life on their respective campuses.

Albany State University
Arizona State
Barnard College
Brown Univ.
Kent State
Ohio State
Ohio Univ.
Ohio Wesleyan University
Penn State
Robert Morris
Saint Vincent
Sam Houston State
Slippery Rock
Tennessee State
Univ. of Cincinnati
Univ. of Houston
Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Univ. of Texas
Univ. of Washington
West Virginia

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