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0-Road TripRoad Trip - Can you beat this fun driving game? We did. The van transforms into a boat, then a plane.
1-Lego RacingLego Racing - Cool 3D RC racing game from Lego. Do sweet stunts as you unlock all 5 challenges.
2-Moon PatrolMoon Patrol - The arcade classic full of helicopters, barrels, and ditches ...those damn ditches.
3-Fly GirlFly Girl - Just imagine you're a girl in A Night at the Roxbury. Double jump for combo points.
4-Megaman Project XMegaman Project X - Cool flash Megaman game. Inspired by the Capcom classic. Spacebar to fire.
5-FroggerFrogger - The classic arcade game. Beware of the gators, eat the flies, and get your hop on!
6-Look But Dont TouchLook But Dont Touch - Scope out chicks while your girl isn't looking. Can you beat our rank of Perv?
7-Pumpkins BalladePumpkins Ballade - Nice looking witch on a broom scroller. Hold the mouse button to build shot power.
8-CastlevaniaCastlevania - A flash version of the popular Konami Castlevania game. Use ctrl to whip, space to jump.
9-Donkey KongDonkey Kong - The classic arcade game starring Mario. Can you save the princess from kong?
10-You Da SpermYou Da Sperm - We knew this would be coming eventually, no pun intended. Navigate the sperm.
11-Jet Pac StanJet Pac Stan - Navigate Stan through the caves collecting the keys to unlock the doors.
12-Kill BillKill Bill - Here's a tip "Hrat = Play". Not sure if there are levels to this. For Kill Bill fans.
13-Street Fighter 2Street Fighter 2 - The classic arcade game you know and love. Punches(A,S,D). Kicks(Z,X,C). Fight!!
14-Lust for BustLust for Bust - Don't get caught looking at your friend's siter's chest. Hilarious!
15-PowerfoxPowerfox - Don't mess with Powerfox! This game kicks a$$!
16-King of the HillKing of the Hill - Click, hold and drag to aim a single catpult on top of your castle, release to fire.
17-Fish TalesFish Tales - Eat the smaller fish, avoid the bigger ones. Chum, chum!
18-Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog - A cool remake of the classic Sega game. Choose from 4 characters.
19-PacmanPacman - You remember Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde...don't you? A true classic.

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