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0-Fulltime KillerFulltime Killer - We killed Mr. Wang. Can you? The game is only one stage, but still a damn good time.
1-OverrunOverrun - Basically, you're Legolas defending the castle from the orcs. Tip: release mouse button over the orc.
2-Bush ShootoutBush Shootout - GW says: I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum.
3-Pepsi PinballPepsi Pinball - Cool western themed pinball game from Pepsi. Can you get the ball into the Saloon?
4-Missile CommandMissile Command - Defend the city and destroy the bombs. How far can you get? Another arcade classic.
5-CentipedeCentipede - Brings back many memories. Use the spacebar to shoot, and the mouse to move.
6-AsteroidsAsteroids - A true classic that's still cool. Kinda like a good book where you have to use your imagination a lot.
7-Bottle ShootBottle Shoot - Click the mouse to shoot, spacebar to reload. We dare you to shoot a fish.
8-Dawn of the DeadDawn of the Dead - Based on the 2004 film remake, for some reason this shooter scares me every time I play.
9-Old West Shootem UpOld West Shootem Up - Can you win the $40,000 and become US Marshall? Use the space bar to shoot.
10-Duck HuntDuck Hunt - Yes, this is the other game that came with your NES, sort of. Remember the light gun?
11-ClashNSlashClashNSlash - Protect your planet as it grows. Earn points to purchase ship upgrades. Cool shooter!
12-Space InvadersSpace Invaders - The classic space shooter looking a little sharper and with better sound.

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