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40-Tennis GameTennis Game - Space bar to serve and hit, move with the arrow keys, use arrow keys to aim shots. Nice!
41-Jet Pac StanJet Pac Stan - Navigate Stan through the caves collecting the keys to unlock the doors.
42-Kick UpsKick Ups - Can you beat our Kick Ups score of 22? Move your mouse under the ball.
43-Super HandballSuper Handball - No, this doesn't involve what may be in your pants. Can you beat the computer?
44-Boom Boom VolleyballBoom Boom Volleyball - If you make it to level 5, the girls play topless. And suddenly you like volleyball.
45-Pitching MachinePitching Machine - Pick a bat and a team, then press start. Can you beat our score of 8206?
46-Hockey ShootHockey Shoot - You get points for hitting players, not scoring. Try to beat our score of 755.
47-Pitch n Putt GolfPitch n Putt Golf - There's no mini-golf course better than the rooms of your home. Oh, 'jouer' means Play.
48-Pool JamPool Jam - Can you sink all the balls in 3 minutes? We did. Good luck.
49-BMX TricksBMX Tricks - Pull off as many tricks as you can. Tap 'F' repeatedly for speed. Can you do an invert?
50-Skate ParkSkate Park - Can you complete all the tricks in one round for the 2000 pt Dragon Combo?
51-Cursor Keep AwayCursor Keep Away - Keep the cursor away from the little guy. Can you beat our score of 808?
52-Poker MatchupPoker Matchup - Make winning poker hands, earn points for each hand.
53-SolitaireSolitaire - Perhaps the most relied on time waster known to man.
54-BlackjackBlackjack - Same as my magic number in college, 21. Place your bets. Beat the dealer.
55-Kill BillKill Bill - Here's a tip "Hrat = Play". Not sure if there are levels to this. For Kill Bill fans.
56-MahjonggMahjongg - Match two free tiles of the same kind. A free tile cannot be blocked. Clear the board.
57-Flash ChessFlash Chess - I said flash chess not flash chest you perv!
58-Checkers BoardCheckers Board - Doesn't force you to take opponent's piece like URCheckers, but not as challenging either.
59-Street Fighter 2Street Fighter 2 - The classic arcade game you know and love. Punches(A,S,D). Kicks(Z,X,C). Fight!!

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