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60-3D Reversi3D Reversi - You must place a piece so that you flank your opponent's piece or pieces.
61-Lust for BustLust for Bust - Don't get caught looking at your friend's siter's chest. Hilarious!
62-Dress UpDress Up - Probably should be in the action and adventure category. Can this be called a game?
63-Ping PongPing Pong - Can you put a curve on the ball? Which pros can you beat?
64-Kick OffKick Off - Make your best kick and try to catch the computer's. Go for it Pele!
65-Funky PongFunky Pong - Can you beat our Funky Pong score of 11?
66-PowerfoxPowerfox - Don't mess with Powerfox! This game kicks a$$!
67-King of the HillKing of the Hill - Click, hold and drag to aim a single catpult on top of your castle, release to fire.
68-Duck HuntDuck Hunt - Yes, this is the other game that came with your NES, sort of. Remember the light gun?
69-Fish TalesFish Tales - Eat the smaller fish, avoid the bigger ones. Chum, chum!
70-BattleshipsBattleships - Double-click on ship you want to place. Click on the sea to position. You sunk my battleship!
71-StarballStarball - It's like Breakout on crack that fell from outer space. You'll be addicted in no time.
72-Tennis AceTennis Ace - Are you a tennis ace? Can you beat the computer?
73-ClashNSlashClashNSlash - Protect your planet as it grows. Earn points to purchase ship upgrades. Cool shooter!
74-Aqua EnergizerAqua Energizer - Awesome sound, and you get passwords as you complete each level. Cool game!
75-Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog - A cool remake of the classic Sega game. Choose from 4 characters.
76-Air HockeyAir Hockey - You get passwords for each level you make it to. Don't worry, it gets harder as you go on.
77-BreakoutBreakout - Control the paddle with the mouse. Knockout all the blocks at the top. An 80's arcade classic.
78-Banana BarrageBanana Barrage - Throw bananas into the barrels. What level can you make it to?
79-Mini Putt 3Mini Putt 3 - Mini Putt returns with the best version yet!

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