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80-GyroballGyroball - Navigate the ball to the hole without going off the edge. Kinda like the old Labyrinth game.
81-Fowl WordsFowl Words - Construct as many words as you can from the eggs provided. Very addicting.
82-TetrisTetris - When college life has you down, you can always count on a nice game of Tetris.
83-HangmanHangman - One or Two Player Hangman. Make words and make fun!
84-Bumper BallBumper Ball - Air hockey and bumper cars. Kinda like peas and carrots, a perfect match!
85-PacmanPacman - You remember Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde...don't you? A true classic.
86-Code of the SamuraiCode of the Samurai - Based on the Cartoon Network Samurai Jack series. Spacebar to slash, arrows to move.
87-Ball BounceBall Bounce - Get the ball to the right side without hitting the light grey blocks. Simple and fun.
88-Jedi Trainer 2Jedi Trainer 2 - One of the better light saber trainers. Deflect the lazers at the pods. From
89-Wheels of SalvationWheels of Salvation - Make it to the top by jumping from wheel to wheel collecting gems. Fun times.
90-AliasAlias - A-Left, D-Right, W-Jump, S-Roll, Point and Shoot with mouse. Great action!
91-Alias 2Alias 2 - A-Left, D-Right, W-Jump, S-Roll, Point and Shoot with mouse. Awesome sequel!
92-Mouse Avoider 2Mouse Avoider 2 - Use your optical mouse to get the red dot through the maze. Don't touch the white!
93-Snowball FightSnowball Fight - Hold the mouse button to load a snowball and move. Highly, highly, addictive.
94-UR CheckersUR Checkers - King me beeeatch! Play the classic board game checkers with 3 skill levels.
95-Connect 4Connect 4 - Get four in a row before your opponent does. You know the game.
96-Space InvadersSpace Invaders - The classic space shooter looking a little sharper and with better sound.

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