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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This is for all Kent State­ University students,­ friends, alumni, and anyone­ else who's a fan of Kent­ State. Tell us about your­ experiences at KSU. Grade­ your KSU professors through­ the tab at the top of the­ page. Browse for other KSU­ students in the box at the­ above right.
Created on: September 15, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Are you excited­ about Kent State­ sports this year?
by Kevin

What KSU sports are you looking forward to watching/participating in this year?
by Kevin
Are you tired of­ the Kent State­ Massacre yet?
by Kevin

This was a horrible event that should never be forgotten, but it seems that whenever you mention that you go to Kent State, people (esp. older people) always b...
by Kevin

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Latest Comment: I highly recommend this man. He keeps his lectures interesting and lively. He also has a great sense of humor and has a way of keeping his students interested in the subject matter. Also very little homework and does not require a textbook. - A+  More Comments

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