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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This community is for all­ Colorado State University­ students who love to breath­ in the fresh mountain air­ for a little Rocky Mountain­ high. All CSU party people,­ friends, and alumni are­ welcome, so join up and­ start posting. Be sure to­ grade all of your Colorado­ State University­ professors. Browse the­ topics, start posting, and­ make a few new friends. GO­ RAMS!!!
Created on: February 08, 2006
Community Type: Public

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Where do you live,­ which dorm is­ best?
by Kevin

If I wanted to transfer to another dorm, which would you recommend? Allison, Braiden, Corbett, Durward, Edwards, Ingersoll, Newsom, Parmelee, Summit, or Westfa...
by Kevin
What do you do for­ fun at Colorado­ State?
by Kevin

The Student Rec center is cool for a little pick up b-ball or working out. Chillin' and chattin' under the trees on the oval lawn is cool too. At night, Rams g...
by Kevin

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Latest Comment: He can't stay on task in class. He can't grade papers in a reasonable time frame. He gives too much work for a class about nothing. - F  More Comments

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