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For the love of Arbo - Other
For the love of Arbo

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Category: Other
Owner: Aisha
Description: This group is in memory of­ Arbo, one of the most­ unique people we may ever­ know. Whether you liked his­ humor, or stubbornness, you­ can share your moments here­ and remember him for who he­ was and the joy he did­ bring to our lives.
Created on: February 01, 2013
Community Type: Moderated

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To Another one of­ our friend who­ life was cut too­ short
by O.G.

There are so many memories of you that are not typical of any normal human being :) It was always an adventure hanging out with you. We always did have fun and...
by Aisha

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O.G. (1396)
Aisha (3197)
Kevin Lang
Kevin (152)
Trisha Savage
Trisha (52)

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