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  About me

Gender: Male
About Myself: I like to have a good time, no matter what. lay back and chill people.
Date of Birth: February 19 1986
Highschool: Parkland High School
College: Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Map It
Major: Marketing
Enrollment Status: Undergraduate
Location: Allentown Pennsylvania 18104
My Weather
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: sports, girls, partying
Favorite Music: O.A.R. Incubus Howie Day Bush Matchbook Romance
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Favorite Movies: Road Trip, Herold and Kumar go to White Castle, Anchorman, Old School, anything funny
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Posted: 04-02-2005 07:47 PM

Aisha: not much ryan!!! u tell !

Posted: 03-23-2005 04:20 PM

Aisha: hey ryan whats up

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